Friday, September 3, 2010

Victoria Secret Body Mist Open for Order!

I have good news to readers yg gila dgn perfumes and fragrances...
Since raya is coming up and i'm going to Spore on this raya, maka dgn berbesar hati i'm going to help u guys on purchasing the Victoria Secret Body Mist! Saya akan mengambil order untuk Victoria Secret Refreshing Body Mist (250ml)!
The Victoria Secret Body Mist is more to floral scent..Besttttt sgt!
Pastu, bau die pn tahan lama..I mmg suke la!
Harga di sana adalah murah compare to the price in Malaysia.

Kepada sesiapa yg nk order, hanya RM 55 (for self pick up in Putrajaya)
dan extra rm 5 for postage charges.
Means, RM 60 (inclusive postage)

Tapi sayangnye I juz called the supplier and they said that what they have in stocks are juz 2 scents. tak banyak...Buat masa ni,dorang cume ade :

Vanilla Lace Refreshing Body Mist
A rich, sensual blend of vanilla and orchid with hints of amber and musk.

Endless Love Refreshing Body Mist.
An irresistible blend of pomegranate and apple blossom with peach and ylang ylang.

Tapi kalau ade sesape yang berminat ngn other scent, saya akan cuba cari untuk u ols...Mane tawu kt kedai lain ada kannn..tak pun, mase pegi sana, stock baru da dtg..

So here are other scents for Victoria Secret Refreshing Body Mist...

Up (L-R) :Love Spell,Lost in Fantasy, Pear Glace, Echanted Apple and Pretty in Pink.
Bottom (L-R) :Strawberry and Champagne, Delicate Petals, Berry Kiss, Coconut Passion,Secret Charm and Luscious Kisses

Open for order untill : 10 Sept 2010 ( Fri)

Last payment : 10th Sept 2010 (Fri)

Delivery date :15th Sept onwards

So guys, interested?
Juz contact me at
for any enquiries..

*Mak bukan kaki bisnes u olsss..
Mak cume tolong beli je...hee.=)


Dee Dee said...

wahai mawai...

speaking of VS ni, i am ordering some clothes from there.. so if you want anything.. tell me k? senang one shot order.. and also since i am on their priority mailing list... it made it seem as though USA next door je. HAHA~

so yeah..

i can help buy the body mist too if you want the other scent yg tak der! =)

Mawar misswateva said...

owhh wokey deedee..