Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Terengganu jommmm!

Aku nk sgt tukar layout blog ni.Cm bosan je kan da lama x tukar..
Tp bile aku try tukar je, link kt tepi ni sume hilang!!warghhhhh.Tensyen2.
Mls la nk tukar2 cmtu.
Cmne ntah nk wt biar all those links and pics tak hilang ek klu nk tukar layout.poning2.

owh yee.
My 3 days leave has been approved by my bos!Yeahhhhh!Baiknye hati bos saya..=)

tomorrow i'll be off to Terengganu to meet Cik Olla.
So Terengganu, here i comeeeeeeee..=)
(macamkan nk g Turkey, pdahal g Terengganu je pnnnn..=P)


Dee Dee said...

you cut and paste your current HTML codes into words documents la.. then when you put in new template, you can just cut and paste the codes for yours links back into your template at the desired portions! lol!!

johnlabu said...

kim kepok lekor.... :)