Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Naniey & Lee reception!

This is quite basi update regarding my housemate wedding, Naniey!Igt lg x this entry?
Her wedding was on 26th December 2009(baru skrg haku nk update psal wedding die kn!).
Phewiiiitttt!!kawen sudah die..
I'm happy for her since i could see how excited she was a few days before her wedding!
x sabar katanya mahu meng'explore' sesuatu yg baru!
i just straight kn otak xmo pk yg bukan2..=P
And the latest news that i received from her just now is that she's now 4 weeks pregnant!
Walllaaaaawwww!deras dan hebat sungguh!
xpe Naniey, da rezeki ko..Aku doa ko n baby sihat2 je!lepas ni ade reason xboleh kerja keras kt bos ko tu kn?Haha!
The cumelness Nanie with her reception dress!comeh mu nanie!

Nanie & Lee with their gorjes Red and Black Theme!

housemate rumah no 13 + Zura! Her kasut is actually very nice!red colour with black lace.Tp kt pic ni x brape nk clear laaaa.rugi2!isk2..

The 'meja makan beradab' deco!

Naniey with her Nikah dress!simple yet elegant!i luv white!soooooo suciiiii..

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